In your Company... You need speed.
Issue Quotes in 15 seconds!

Invoices and Receipts in 5 seconds.

Excel and Word Template to Issue Quotes and Invoices

You don't need Excel, Word or Paper Templates to Issue Quotes and Invoices

  • Embrace the 21st century and use a digital and robust system that does everything automatically.
Automatic price list generation with inventory products

You need an automatic price list

  • Your price list in a few seconds with prices, titles and codes of your products and services
Billing Software to use with all employees

You need to count on all your employees

  • Use Comercial (with 1 'M') with all your employees, no matter how many, without paying extra.
Inventory of Products in Invoicing Software

You need digital shelves

  • Here you can organize your products or services by categories
  • You can organize by suppliers
  • You can organize by worker who issued the quote or invoice
History of Quotes, Invoices and Receipts by Customer

You need a time machine

  • History of Quotes, Invoices and Receipts by Customer
Intersection of labels in Inventory

You need Set Theory

Problem: How would a car parts salesman find oil filters for Toyota Hilux cars among thousands of oil filters he sells?

Solution: Putting labels on products. First oil filter labels. On products with oil filter labels, Toyota labels. And in those products with those two labels, Hilux labels.

Edit and update quotes through this invoicing software

You need a Digital Eraser

  • Edit your quotes if you made a mistake or forgot something
  • Update your quotes if it's been a while and the customer needs a new one
Automatically remove the percentage of VAT from the product price

You don't need to calculate the value of the product so that in the quote the total value is 2578 including VAT

When adding the product, simply write 2578 final. And we will calculate the value of the product for you. For example, if the tax is 15%, the product will cost 2241.74...

Shopping Cart for Inventory

You need a Shopping Cart

And what if the person who wants the oil filter also wants a Coca-Cola and a USB cable to charge the phone

  • Our Cart allows you to add products in different categories for the same quote
Powerful Search for Inventory Items

You need to find everything

  • Find Quotes, Products, Customers and more
  • Search for Thursday and all products added on Thursday will appear
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