On this website, you can issue a Quotation in under 15 seconds!
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Invoices and Receipts in 5 seconds.

Find your products in 2 seconds.

  • Then select and issue the quotation
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Comparison with Invoice Books

  • UGX 200,000 for 4 Quotation books, 1 Receipt, 1 Invoice and 1 Delivery note (at a rate of UGX 26,750 each book)
  • 20 minutes to issue Quotation: 10 minutes to complete and do the math + 10 minutes to scan, attach and email.
  • Inventory made in your head, registration of customers and their data does not exist. You always have to ask. You always have to think about how to describe your products in the best way to convince the customer.
Comercial invoicing software box.


  • UGX 149,544.00/annual for infinite quotes, receipts, invoices and delivery notes (UGX 18,693.00 monthly)
  • 15 seconds to issue a quote and 5 seconds to send by email without having to leave the system.
  • Smart inventory separated into categories and registration of all your customers. Think of the best description once, use it all the time.
  • Issue receipts for one or infinite Payment Installments. (On one invoice for UGX 100,000 you can issue 100 receipts of UGX 1000 or more)
  • All employees can have access
how it works

Huge Demo

Watch this huge demo of the product and see for yourself.

A Jon A.I. Product

Jon Artificial Intelligence is a technology company with the mission of equalizing and advancing the human race. This starts by giving small businesses, the tools they need to be productive at the level of big businesses, at a price they can afford.


Have a question? We have the answers. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact geral@jon-ai.com

How is the Buying Process?

First you must register your company and fill in all the required fields. When you are done registering you will be able to buy using your debit or credit card.

We use a subscription model, and it costs UGX 149,544,00/year, for one entire year of unlimited usage, search, send by email, and infinite receipts.

Yes, we will send you an invoice using this same software.

Yes we offer 3 monthes of free trial. No credit card, no commitments. We know you will love our software. First register below and at the end choose the 3 monthes free trial option.

After purchase, don't worry if you have any problems while using the software. We will be available to solve any problems through the customer care email geral@jon-ai.com. Or you can contact the director directly on director@jon-ai.com.

Hi, this is the Director and Programmer of Jon A.I. Before founding Jon A.I. I managed a commercial company in the field of computers, printing and stationery for 14 years. During that time like you I used Word and Excel to issue quotes and also bought commercial books for quotes, invoices and receipts. I wasted a lot of time issuing quotes and doing the math, patiently writing down details of the same products for the thousandth time, and it was a problem to locate an old quote. When I would lose a computer I would also lose most of the quotes that weren't in the email. And as for the commercial books, they just disappeared after a few years, or you couldn't read them at all. It sucked. I made this invoicing software to solve all these problems. I built a quick search system into the software so I could quickly find any quote no matter what I remembered about it. And I used this software and improved it over time before I started selling it. To conclude this software is very good because it was made by an entrepreneur and not just a programmer.

Just UGX 149,544/year (UGX 18,693 month)

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